How to Protect Yourself from Extortion [Video]

How to Protect Yourself from Extortion BY AMANDA LI Money extortion, electronic extortion, and cyber or Internet extortion happen every now and then. If you are a shop owner, you are demanded by some offenders to pay for their protection to prevent something bad (such as an assault on the shopkeeper or damage to his […]

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When Do You Plan to Retire? [Video]

Can You Afford to Retire?   Fox News Survey “When Do You Plan to Retire” Before Age 65 – 32% At Age 65 – 19% After Ager 65 – 23% Never – 23% Age of golden workers: Many seniors working into the 80s and 90s to stay active – Never Retire Madam Lim Swee Ee, […]

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Common Travel Scams [Video]

15 Common Travel Scams (And How To Avoid Them) By Matthew Karsten TRAVEL SAFETY TIPS Shady people love to take advantage of tourists, and if you’re not careful, it’s easy to become a victim. Here are some of the most common travel scams around the world. Stay safe out there! As travelers, it is easy […]

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Sexting May Lead to Sextortion [Video]

The Sextortion of Amanda Todd A year after her death, most people remember Amanda Todd from her YouTube video, holding up hand-written pages describing how one mistake in front of a webcam led to her torment by bullies at school and online. But beyond that viral video, the fifth estate reveals a more complex and […]

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Military Dating Romance Scams [Video]

Online Dating Scams Dating and Romance Scams Intro Dating and Romance Common Faces Identify Scammer Profiles with Google Images What is a Romance Scam? A romance scam is a confidence trick involving feigning romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection, and then using that goodwill to commit fraud. Wikipedia Facebook Military Romance Scams Profiles Another Victim in […]

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