Word Count of Famous Novels (& How Long it Took to Write Them)[Infographic]

word count of famous novels - best sellers

Ever needed to know the word count of famous novels?

Maybe to work out what your own novel’s word count should be.

Or ever wondered how long they took to write?

So you could work out how long you should take to write yours.

Ignoring the greats for a moment, the obvious answer to the first question is: it depends. There are a number of factors deciding the word count, topmost being what sort of book it is:

  • Picture books can be 100-1,000.
  • Children’s books can be 20-55,000.
  • YA books around 55,000-80,000.
  • Literary fiction 55-100,000.
  • Adult & Genre fiction could reach 125,000.
  • And that Space Opera might burgeon to 300,000!

As to how long it could take you to write it, that’s an even harder one to answer.

Fear not, this week we have not one, but TWO infographics to help the budding author work out these two knotty problems.

The first shows the word count of famous novels and the second, you guessed it, how long it took to write some equally iconic books.

length of time to write famous novels - infographic
Courtesy of Printer inks

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